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300 g | Medium Roast

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If a fresh cup of velvety body balanced with a touch of natural sweetness sound delicious to you,

You will love our Honey Bear Reserve coffee. It is a daily treat of exquisite balance & fantastic body.

Where Nicaragua meets Ethiopia. Honey Bear Reserve draws its name from our All Natural “Honey” Drying Process. Before ‘honeyed’ coffees were cool, we started working on this Reserve coffee, taking a few risks to make it happen. It was worth it. Here’s what it looks like—immediately after harvest sorting, we dry the coffees directly in the sun…in their own natural sugars for ten days (imagine a wine grape without its skin, drying in the vineyard sun). The coffees must be hand-turned every 12 hours, balancing and absorbing natural sweetness from the fruit along the way. At each step from farm to roast, traditional “honey” drying requires extra work & meticulous attention. The result is fantastic.

  • 100% Made at the Source, Single Origin Certified Organic Reserve Coffee.

  • Pure Specialty Grade Quality (This is a coffee ‘purity’ measure. It means that we only roast the highest grade beans. This ensures that you are tasting the unique coffee instead of distracting tastes mixed in your cup.)

  • Medium roasted with just a few extra seconds for balance.

  • You are making sustainability happen. Each Honey Bear Reserve purchase creates 4x more resources for our coffee community than standard Fair Trade coffees.

  • Honey Bear Reserve bags are individually hand-stamped at the source, by us, with appreciation. (a great gift, too!)

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whole bean, grinded